Executive Coaching and Training

The modern day apprenticeship:

Historically the master and apprentice system worked well and was an effective means of transferring knowledge and expertise.  A young person would be picked by the master of a trade such as a barrel maker or baker. Then that child would live with their master and slowly be taught everything about the profession. Many went on to take over the shop when the master retired or died. We have a similar system today but it depends on executive coaching and executive mentoring. They are essential for big business to be able to pass on information from employee to employee. When a company does not have some sort of executive coaching and mentoring program they have to look to an outside agency to provide one.

Cognova Consulting and their team of psychologists are trained to help in this eventuality. Companies and their individual corporate culture are quite similar to a human in the ways they operate from day to day. If you met a person with bad habits, low accountability and no real sense of self then you would probably not want to spend too much time with that person. Clients, investors and employees do not want to stay with a company that exhibits the same issues. So, Cognova Consulting have designed executive workshops to help build up on any deficiencies that are found in your company.

The first step in the process is to begin the diagnostic phase. Just like when you go to the doctor and  he first has to run a few tests to find out exactly what is wrong. Cognova Consulting runs a host of predictive tests that are specifically tailored to your corporate culture. These tests include cognitive assessment, personal inventories, learning tactics and a competency based interviews for all of your key employees. These tests are not limited to a person by person basis, they also evaluate how those people work together in a group dynamic. Any weaknesses in the team or individual that are blocking them from getting promotions, meeting deadline or otherwise being productive are sought out so that they can be addressed by new corrective tactics.

Of course your team of employees may be working up to their potential but they are new to you. Having an assessment by experts trained in executive coaching and executive mentoring will enable you to quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of your team. So that you can quickly get to work on any project with the assurance that you are maximizing your teams capabilities.

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