Executive Coaching and Profits

How can executive coaching and mentoring help raise profits?

Some company owners and CEO’s are leery of executive coaches and to be honest, there are a lot of con artists out there. They have given the professional executive coaches and executive mentors a bad name. Many people assume that the seminars are all touchy feely and are an excuse for the employees to take vacations on the company dime. That they have no concrete results for the business world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Executive workshops, when run properly, can boost all aspects of business but you will see the most return on a financial level.

When your key personnel have been given the tools to not only cope with the stresses of their position but to thrive, they can not help but be more productive. After a successful executive workshop you can expect to see:

  1. Employees with pride in their work – When your executive staff have learned to lead by example and to show their team that they are appreciated instead of ruling through fear. The team will take ownership in their projects and want to put forth a product that they can be proud that they were a part of.
  2. Reciprocity – One of the fundamentals of persuasion is reciprocity. When you give someone a gift, for instance, they will feel obliged to give one back. So, when your executives are giving their team positive reinforcement and a workplace that they enjoy coming to they will reciprocate by going above and beyond their job description to give you back their best work and loyalty.
  3. Positive work environment – Once your personnel have been through a good coaching program they will be better able to interact with each other. With less conflict and negativity in the workplace your employees will not dread coming to work. They may even begin to look forward to it as a place to be with their friends.
  4. Increased Production – A happy employee is a productive employee. Remember when you were at your job and in a good mood. The time would fly by and you could tear through your workload in what seemed like half the time? That is not a fluke, that is just human nature.
  5. Customer satisfaction – With empowered workers that are trained to deal with stress, the quality of your product or service will rise. This will result in the customer getting better quality and dealing with representatives of your business that are congenial and friendly. Nothing builds customer loyalty like a store that feels welcoming.
  6. Less turnover – Satisfied employees are less prone to quit suddenly and are less likely to leave for a different company. They tend to be loyal to their current employer. This means less down time training a new person and no information loss from an employee quitting unexpectedly.


I have only touched on the business reasons to hire an executive coaching or executive mentoring firm. Personal growth and fulfillment are also important factors to consider.  Click here to learn more about executive coaching workshops.

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